Monday, January 4, 2010

4th january 2010 :) my first lecture for part 2 as a student of diploma science computer :D first class ! BEL 260 ! aha, Prof Dr. Syed Omar :) ngee~~ strict lecturer :)) must speaking in their class ! hahha. need to improve my language :D 8am till 9.50 :D then nxt class 10am-11.50. CS159! Pn Norfadilah. sempoi kot lecterur ni ! tp kjap je . juz pgenalan, awl la blk td :D erk ! lapa plak.weyh !? jom mkn ! ngee~~ :D ak da lapaq !!
then smbung class kul 12-12.50 . MAT 263. miss syasya . mude lg kot. hope die oke je .
then kul 4-4.50 :D
miss syida again. aha. adoi ! lyn je la. calculus 1
kate nyer susah. erk ?? tol ke 2 ??ke juz nk tkot kn ktorg je ni ??
oke je kot !
nothing impossible in diz world. bak kata Prof Omar ! hihih
cm2 kot ak dpt ngn Prof ni !
ceh !poyo je la. awl sem kn ?? smngt berkobar2 seyh !
ape lg nk cter ??
xmau mrepek da la


comment as you pleased. thank you ;)