Wednesday, September 19, 2012

hello bloggie :) Assalamualaikum

FYI , i'm not a subber, please dont ask to sub any episode. :P i'm just helping you to search episode by episode. i'll try to give the link from first episode until the latest (if i found the link ONLY). so , all the credit i'll link to subber :)

MBC Weekly Idol MC : Jun Hyung Don & Dae Joon
Duration : 30 minutes (if i'm not mistaken)
Show on : Every Wednesday 
Time : i'm not sure

on this episode they review idol who represents Olympic  :)
**actually same as entry before this but different cut

Eng Sub - Weekly Idol Olympic-dol Minho 
Eng Sub - Weekly Idol Olympic-dol Baro

and below is full episode of Weekly Idol Olympic-dol without english subbed

Eng Sub - Weekly Idol Olympic-dol 

cr : owner 

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