Kim Jae Wook Profile

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Name : Kim Jae Wook [김재욱]
D.O.B : 2 April 1983
P.O.B : Seoul . South Korea
Profession : Actor & Model
Height : 184cm
Weight : 65kg
Blood Type : B
Education : Seoul Institute of the Arts
Specialty : Can speak in Japan Languages.

TV Show :
Mary Stayed Out All Night (2010)
Bad Guy (2010)
The Kingdom of The Wind (2008)
The 1st Shop of Coffe Prince (2007)
Dal Ja's Spring (2007)
Ruler of Your Own World (2002)

i start fall in love with his character since i watched Mary Stayed Out All Night ^.^. at first i thought he was G-Dragon XD 


  1. hensem kan dye nie hehe, kite start tau pasal dye bila kite tengok citer marry me mary (dvd), bad ending wuwuuu

  2. boleh tahan=P ad rupa GD sikit xD

  3. @cik_zetty sgt encem :D nak cari bf cam die boleh ? :D

  4. @nur adilah both of them ada charisma tersendiri :D


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