Sunday, May 23, 2010

aha , 1 more tag ! thnx cik cheximm krn membenarkan saye mgambil tag itu , wahh ! asal skema plak ayt aku ni :D *maaf krn sye mmg tak malu* btw , maaf ye , ptut nye tag ni da lame kne wat , tp wani bz la sesangat :D

its harder than its looks
copy to your notes
erase my answer
enter yours && tag 20 peoples
each of following question
they have to be real
nothing made up
if the person before you had the same first initial
you must use different answer
you cant use any words twice
and you can't use the name for the girl/boy name question

name : Nur Syazwani
4 letter word : null
boy's name : naruto *no idea*
girl's name : Nur Liyana Edzreen
occupation : Neurotheology *salah ejaan maaf ye !*
colour : navy
something you wear : nivea deodorant *kantoi sudaa*
food : nugget ! *nyum nyum*
something you found in bathroom : haih , tak jumpe pape la :P
place : Norway
reason to being late : Nothing :D
something you shout : Nak tidoo !
something you drink : Nestle product ;p
musical group : Newboyz
animal : Naga
streets name : Nakhoda streets *diEnglish kan*
movie title : National treasure

tggu la wani jerit kat shoutbox korg ye ! :)


  1. wahh rajinyer wat tag..akk dah mls la cam ne ni hohoh

  2. dear! sory sgt lmbt wat tag anda.
    2 baru nbila jwb tag. hehee..


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