Saturday, March 3, 2012

hello bloggie :) Assalamualaikum 

maaf ye , entry malam ni hanya untuk wish birthday bias NS yang menyambut ulangtahun ke 22 :)

InsyaAllah , esok NS akan update entry baru . tunggu ye ^^

3 Mac 2012 ~ Sabtu which is hari ni . 

dear Handsome guy ; Lee Gi Kwang :D

Saengil chukae ! ~~ may God bless you :) All b2uty wondering how you celebrate your day with other B2ST members ^^ but all b2uty will pray the best for you . hopefully on you big day , you'll have big smile. wish your dream come true and get a better life onwards !~ 

aha , make sure to take care your health. you are careless person xD easy to get injured. and take a good rest yeah !  B2ST ,fighting !! 

lets hope they will last forever :D

p/s : gambar ; google.com

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