Friday, March 2, 2012

hello bloggie :) Assalamualaikum.

maaf ye , sekarang ni NS tak dapat nak update entry yang best best sebab sekarang ni busy menyiapkan last mini projek. maklumlah dah dekat final ni , macam rushing sikit la life NS ;\ 

so, this entry . i'll come to wish this to our FT Island Vocalist ; Lee Honggi . kenal kan ? yang hari tu datang Malaysia buat concert .

dear Lee Honggi oppa ,

on your special day , i wish you'll be happy than last year. celebrating with FT Island members , cheer up and everything for your special day. may God bless you and all your wishes come true. Pris will pray for your healthy,successful and glory :))

i adore you ! ~ you have a package to be Hallyu Star. keep it up. bring FT Island over the world. 

you're awesome with your cute face and naughty attitude :)

Saengil chukae ~ :)

Powerful Voice ; Lee Honggi 

for anyone to keep in touch with Lee Honggi , you can follow his twitter ---- > Lee Honggi

p/s : pix cr to : google


comment as you pleased. thank you ;)